Welcome to Awassa Greenwood PLC. A company that is one of the leading in its industry by exporting different crops and plants to its customers around the world. The company was established with the initial objective of commercial production of improved seeds of horticultural crops and ornamentals (flowers) and running of dairy development tasks. The company currently owns more than 100 hectars of fertile land in which it grows sweet potatoes (Ogan-segan), hybrid maize, seed potatoes, paprika, green beans and other fruits and vegitables for both local market and export. Our farms use the state of the art dripping technology which is not only enviromentally safe by preventing waste of water but also cost effective to dissiminate pesticides and necessary minerals through out the farm. There are around 300 employees within Awassa and Addis Ababa that work in the farm and on both offices. The company also owns a research center in Wondo-Genet and a recreational garden in Awassa city where you can find different varieties of flowers and fruits.

Awassa Green Wood PLC is mainly engaged in production of improved hybrid maize, seed potatoes and sweet potato vines, Raising of tree seedlings, fruit tree seedlings & floricultural products for commercial market, Agricultural machinary and farm implements supply, animal farm and landscape design.


We give landscape design service for different government and private sectors that need professional landscape design for gardens, farms or any other geographical area.
We have qualified professionals that have the knowledge and creative skills to make your land look like a paradise.
You Can visit our resort and botanical garden in Awassa and our clients to see what we are capable of.
Our major clients are
The Southern Nations, Nationality & People Regional State
Midroc Chip wood Factory
The Red Cross
Awassa Tabor Ceramics
Awassa Textile Factory
Awassa City Hall and City
Sidama Research Center
and other private sectors
for further details and to know more about us, what products and services we offer you and our